Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2020

2-8 March marks the week of eating disorders awareness 2020; a time when we fight the stereotypes and stigma around eating disorders.
It’s not just middle class, young, white woman and girls who can develop an eating disorder – it’s something that can affect anyone and everyone no matter age, gender, ethnicity, background or sexuality.
The stereotypes people sometimes hold about who can and who can’t develop an eating disorder can mean some people don’t seek help, or are afraid to talk to friends and family about it in fear that they will be laughed at, teased or not believed.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with food or weight, check out the helplines at the bottom of this blog.

We’ve put together a list of books which can be useful reading for anyone who’s affected by an eating disorder, or would like to understand it more.

Image result for beat eating disorders

Adult Helpline: 0808 801 0677
Studentline: 0808 801 0811
Youthline: 0808 801 0711

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