Among the Shelves – Contemporary Fiction

One of our key roles, as a library, is to enable access to information. We stock a wide range of materials, do not censor published content, promote understanding and provide good quality information that helps people educate and inform themselves. To challenge prejudice and discrimination we will be celebrating black authors, diversity and cultural role models with a selection of good books – all of which can be found on our shelves.

This will include fictional and factual titles for all ages in three different blogs, in our third blog we’re looking at some amazing contemporary adult fiction titles. These books are all available through the BorrowBox App or if you prefer physical books our new Ready Reads book collection service gives you access to a selection of books – chosen for you by our team.

If you missed our first two blogs, you can find them here with:
Adult Non-Fiction Titles
Children’s Titles

These are just some of the titles in our collection, check out the full collection over on BorrowBox, and find out more about black British authors and their amazing work in our 2019 Black History Month Blog!

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