National Coding Week 2020

14 – 20 September 2020

National Coding Week is a volunteer-led organisation founded in 2014. It aims to help build people’s confidence and skills by encouraging volunteers to run fun and engaging digital events.

Code Club was founded in 2012 to assist children with learning coding skills with free after school clubs. In these clubs children learn to create games, animations, and web pages using Scratch, Python, or HTML/CSS.

Many of our libraries (normally) host a range of code clubs – some even host multiple ones! As we continue to follow government guidelines, we have yet been able to start them up again in our libraries, but we have been running code club over on our Facebook page sense April! Why not check it out?
We started with Scratch, and are now working on Micro:bits – did you know you can borrow Micro:bits from your local library?

We may not be able to do taster sessions in our libraries this National Coding Week, but don’t despair! We will instead be bringing the taster sessions to you; right here on our blog!
So enjoy these videos, have a go at coding and, most importantly; have fun!

What are the different coding programs?

A closer look at Scratch

A closer look at Micro:bits

Taster session – a special Coding week project

If you want books about coding, there are plenty available in our libraries. You can reserve them, for a small charge, ask for them with your Ready Reads or pick some up next time you are visiting the library! They are a great read for any young coder to get ideas, tips and inspiration for their future projects. Or for parents or carers who would like to be able to help their children on their coding journey.

Start your coding journey today!

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