Harry Potter and the translated books

To celebrate Harry Potter Book Night 2020 you will now be able to borrow and read the Harry Potter series in seven languages! That's right; you can know read these magical stories in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Chinese - both traditional and simplified kanji.

National Share-a-Story Month – Travelling Tales

National Share a Story Month is an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story sharing, providing a fantastic opportunity bring children and stories together. We've put together a list of books that are perfect for sharing! A bare bear: a book of words that sound the same Written by Caz Hildebrand and illustrations by… Continue reading National Share-a-Story Month – Travelling Tales

National Storytelling Week 2019

Join in with National Storytelling Week from 26 January until 2 February and celebrate the tradition that is storytelling! You can be as creative as you like – take part in storytelling activities, make up stories, read stories from books or even act them out. Make sure to join us for some great storytelling activities: Storytime Sessions… Continue reading National Storytelling Week 2019

Winter Reading Challenge 2018

Take part in the Winter Reading Challenge 2018! Read or listen to 4 library books, collect stickers and earn a certificate! There is no need to sign up, simply come into one of the participating libraries and tell them how many books you've read and they will give you a collector card and stickers -… Continue reading Winter Reading Challenge 2018

Bath Book Bed

BookTrust logo for Bath Book Bed

You may remember that BookTrust ran a successful on-line campaign last year to help promote a good bedtime routine for children. Bath Book Bed was relaunched on 24th April and is proving very popular.  Part of the campaign is a new 16-page booklet available in hard copy or, if you prefer, to download.  The booklet features the celebrity… Continue reading Bath Book Bed

Books with Cats to Share

book cover

Many children are attracted to soft, fluffy things: their favourite blanket, teddy bears, daddy's jumper, touch-and-feel books, the list is endless.  They particularly like warm, soft and fluffy and this often means animals. Whether or not you have pets at home, there are plenty of books around to introduce your youngsters to the animal kingdom.  This month we have… Continue reading Books with Cats to Share

12 More Picture Books from 2016

book cover

As promised yesterday, here are twelve more of our favourite picture books published in 2016. These are aimed at slightly older children than yesterday's selection, but every child is different.
We hope you find some more of your favourites here - and maybe some ideas for books you've not yet read. All of our suggestions from yesterday and today are available to borrow from Hampshire Libraries.

12 Picture Books from 2016

book cover

At this time of year we generally share twelve of our favourite picture books published during the last twelve months. This year has seen a bumper crop of fabulous books and it was a struggle to cut my long-list of book choices down to such a small number - so I haven't.

Today we are sharing twelve picture books which are arguably for slightly younger children. Tomorrow we will offer another twelve books, this time for slightly older children. We hope you find some of your favourites here and maybe some ideas for books you've not yet read. They are all available to borrow from Hampshire Libraries.

Alphabet Books to Share from Bookstart Bear

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Small children are learning all the time - they are discovering the world around them, who is in their family and what the different bits of their own body are for. They are also learning about language and communication and picture books are a great way to help with this.

Our selection of books this month are all about the alphabet - the building blocks of our written language. As young children gradually learn the letters you can ask them to spot them when you are out and about. Choose the letters they know well and ask if they can see them in street signs, when you are shopping or visiting the library. Help them learn which letters are in their own names, but make it fun. Laughter is a great aid to learning.