Battle of Britain Day

On 15 September, 1940, now known as “Battle of Britain Day“, the Luftwaffe launched two huge bombing raids on London. Believing that the RAF was close to breaking point, the attacks were a repeat of their monumental and devastating attack eight days before. Smaller formations of German planes were also planned to attack Portland and Southampton.

Hampshire libraries and Discovery Centres stock many books about the Battle of Britain. We have a particularly large collection at our Farnborough Library as part of their Aviation Collection, with most being available for loan.

We have the digital resource British Newspaper Archive available for customers in our libraries and you can read contemporary accounts of the Battle of Britain from many newspapers.

Many of our digital resources have articles and pictures of the Battle, such as Credo Reference and Britannica.

We also have eBooks for downloading and reading on tablets and readers, such as The Battle of Britain.