Books with Cats to Share

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Many children are attracted to soft, fluffy things: their favourite blanket, teddy bears, daddy's jumper, touch-and-feel books, the list is endless.  They particularly like warm, soft and fluffy and this often means animals. Whether or not you have pets at home, there are plenty of books around to introduce your youngsters to the animal kingdom.  This month we have… Continue reading Books with Cats to Share

Counting Books to Share from Bookstart Bear

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Sharing picture books with children is a great way to introduce them to the skills, ideas and concepts they will require in later life. It's not just about words and reading. This selection of books will help your children to discover the world of numbers and counting. Once they get the idea from books, you can encourage them to start counting everywhere: in the supermarket, at the park, in the library.

(Nearly) Wordless Picture Books to Share from Bookstart Bear

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Sharing picture books with children is a wonderful way to bond, spend quiet time together and introduce your little ones to the big world beyond your arms. The stories can be funny, informative and comforting and the illustrations help guide the child through the book, encouraging them to work out the words for themselves. But what do you do when there are no words; or just one or two?

Books About Families to Share from Bookstart Bear

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For most of us, our family is the one big constant in our lives.  They provide a safe place for us to learn and grow in a loving environment.  But families come in all shapes and sizes.  Our family may be very different to those of our friends.  Even our own family doesn't always stay the same.… Continue reading Books About Families to Share from Bookstart Bear

Fairy Tales and Fables to Share from Bookstart Bear

For many of us, the stories we remember most from our childhood are fairy tales, fables and traditional stories. Those stories may vary, depending on our backgrounds and heritage, but they all play a big part in developing our imaginations and building a sense of wonder. In your local library you will find a wide variety of fairy tales. Many follow the traditional stories handed down from generation to generation. Others put a new spin on those tales, or combine them in unlikely ways. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Nursery Rhymes to Share from Bookstart Bear

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Most of us associate nursery rhymes with singing, but their bouncy rhythms are also great for reading aloud. It's a wonderful, fun way to encourage your child's early language development. Some rhymes are for dancing or are full of action, others are a perfect excuse for some snuggle time with your child. You may not know that we have lots of books of nursery rhymes - some containing a single rhyme, some with a whole collection - available from your local library. Here are a few you might like to look at.