Millroy the Magician by Paul Theroux

About the book

Fourteen-year-old Jilly Farina walks into the tent at the County Fair and finds her life transformed. Fixing her with her hypnotic gaze, Millroy the Magician performs astonishing miracles. When she is later magicked into his trailer and Millroy promised to train her as his assistant, Jilly feels safe for the first time her her short life.

But Millroy is more than a mere stage-show magician. A vegetarian and health fanatic, a possessor of healing and hypnotic powers, Millroy is on a mission to change the eating habits of an entire nation. And through Jilly he has found the strength to preach his evangelical message. With Millroy’s messianic fervour ever growing, Jilly begins to have doubts – but Millroy knows that without Jilly there will be no magic. . .

Reviewed by The Benches

A complicated story of miracles and magic, with too many messages from Millroy. He is a vegetarian and health fanatic with a mission to change the food habits of America. Too much detail, repetition and fantasyā€¯

star rating **

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