Mr Dear, I wanted to tell you by Louisa Young

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About the book

While Riley Purefoy and Peter Locke fight for their country, their survival and their sanity in the trenches of Flanders, Nadine Waveney, Julia Locke and Rose Locke do what they can at home.

Reviewed by Hawkley Reading Group

Everyone enjoyed this book, a strong “page turning” narrative and we found ourselves discussing aspects of war and medicine, stimulated by the story. A few of us found the characterisation a bit simplistic…

Star rating: ****

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Death Comes For Peter Pan by Joan Brady

About the book

Alice Kessleris a fighter and when she is told that her husband only has a few months left to live, she refuses to accept it. Instead Alice searches relentlessly for a doctor willing to offer a better prognosis and when she fails to find one in England, she takes her beloved Peter back to where they came from. America, the land of miracles. But Alice soon discovers that their fight is far from over. Death Comes for Peter Pan is a turbulent and unpredictable love story – the story of a young woman’s fight for her husband’s dignity and a powerful indictment of the politics that rule medicine today.

Reviewed by Lymington WI Book Club:

Some of our group found this deeply disturbing as it brought back sad memories. We all saw it as a warning for the future of our own NHS. It produced a good discussion. It appeared to be a book in two halves and we felt the author introduced the rather dysfunctional family as a vehicle to make her point about US medicine.

Star rating: ***

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