Thomas Hardy, the Time-torn Man by Claire Tomalin

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Paradox ruled Thomas Hardy’s life. His birth was almost his death; he became one of the great Victorian novelists and reinvented himself as one of the twentieth-century’s greatest poets; he was an unhappy husband and a desolate widower; he wrote bitter attacks on the English class system yet prized the friendship of aristocrats.

In the hands of Whitbread Award-winning biographer Claire Tomalin, author of the bestselling books Charles Dickens: A Life and The Invisible Woman, Thomas Hardy the novelist, poet, neglectful husband and mourning lover all come vividly alive.


Reviewed by CC readers

Divided opinion – some found it too long, too detailed and hard to read. Others were strong in their praise for its narrative quality, its detail, insight and human understanding. Most wanted to re-read Hardy as a result. A biographical masterpiece for some readers.”

star rating ***


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