The Accidental by Ali Smith

About the book The Accidental is Ali Smith's dazzling novel about a family holiday and a stranger who upends it. Arresting and wonderful, The Accidental pans in on the Norfolk holiday home of the Smart family one hot summer. There a beguiling stranger called Amber appears at the door bearing all sorts of unexpected gifts,… Continue reading The Accidental by Ali Smith

Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

About the book Set in 1860s London, this is the story of Susan, a pickpocket who is persuaded to pose as a lady's maid and infiltrate the house of a young heiress. This novel explores the nature of identity and what people do with disguise. Reviewed by Hayling Readers Group Nominated for both the Orange… Continue reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters

Burnt shadows by Kamila Shamsie

About the book In a prison cell in the US, a man stands trembling, naked, fearfully waiting to be shipped to Guantanamo Bay. How did it come to this? Burnt Shadows is an epic narrative of disasters evaded and confronted, loyalties offered and repaid, and loves rewarded and betrayed. Reviewed by Enjoying Books This was… Continue reading Burnt shadows by Kamila Shamsie

The White woman on the green bicycle by Monique Roffey

About the book This novel tells how when George and Sabine Harwood arrive in Trinidad from England George instantly takes to their new life but Sabine feels isolated, heat-fatigued, and ill at ease with the racial segregation and the imminent dawning of a new era. George eventually finds out that Sabine has been keeping secrets… Continue reading The White woman on the green bicycle by Monique Roffey