The Bellwether Revivals by Benjamin Wood

About the book

Bright, bookish Oscar Lowe has grown to love the quiet routine of his life as a care assistant at a Cambridge nursing home, until the fateful day when he is lured into King’s College chapel by the otherworldly sound of an organ. There he meets and falls in love with Iris Bellwether and her privileged, eccentric clique, led by her brother Eden. A troubled but charismatic music prodigy, Eden convinces his sister and their friends to participate in a series of disturbing experiments. However, as the line between genius and madness begins to blur, Oscar fears that danger could await them all …


Reviewed by In Sync

A few liked the book and found it interesting; others found it to be rather challenging and not so enjoyable. There was a lot of psychology in it, and some of us were annoyed that the end was at the beginning.

Star rating: None provided