Quick Reads 2020

Quick Reads are aimed at the one-in-six adults in the UK with reading difficulties and was founded in 2006 to provide shorter, more accessible, entertaining fiction for less confident adult readers.

These Quick Reads condense popular titles into shorter versions, with just a few chapters, large text and wider gaps between rows of text, making reading more accessible for adults who might otherwise struggle with a full sized book.

In 2018 author Jojo Moyes stepped in and saved the Reading Agency’s Quick Reads scheme by donated enough funding to allow it to run for a further three years. She has also promised to help them find further funding from other sources in the future.

The 2020 collection is now here, and below you can find a full list of titles – with a link to our online catalogue from which you can reserve books for a small charge.

A fresh start
by Fanny Blake

From wronged wives to nosy neighbours, from distant dads to new-found family, from secrets to lies, fresh starts to false endings – and everything in between – this is a collection of brilliant short stories from the best writers around.

Notting Hill Carnival: a West Side story
by Candice Carty-Williams

Sapphire is the hot-headed leader of the Red Roses in an area where gang loyalty is all that matters.

When she meets a boy called Apollo on her way to Notting Hill Carnival, she forms an instant bond with him.

She thinks he could be the one. Until she discovers he’s a member of rival gang, the Gold Teeth.

Darkness rising
by A.A. Dhand

Detective Inspector Harry Virdee has a lot on his plate. His team is facing government cuts, tensions are building between Bradford’s two rival drugs gangs and his wife Saima is due to give birth any day now.

So when bodies start turning up in the old industrial district, the pressure is on to get the case wrapped up as quickly as possible, or risk a full-scale gang war.

But the man behind the murders is ruthless. And things are getting personal. Harry must think fast and bend the rules if he wants to keep his city, and his family, safe…

This is going to hurt
by Adam Kay

Welcome to the life of a junior doctor.
You work 97 hours a week.
You make life and death decisions.
You are often covered in blood (or worse) from head to toe.
And the hospital parking meter earns more money than you do.

Adam Kay’s diary was written in secret after long days, sleepless nights and missed weekends. It is funny, moving and sometimes shocking.

This is everything you wanted to know -and more than a few things you didn’t – about life on and off the hospital ward.

The Donor
by Clare Mackintosh

When Lizzie’s daughter Meg is given a life-saving heart transplant, Lizzie feels hugely grateful to the nameless donor.

Then she receives a letter from the donor’s mother, Karen, asking to meet, and it seems like the least she can do.

But as soon as Karen is welcomed into their lives, Lizzie feels something isn’t right. And, before long, she can’t help but worry that by inviting Karen in, she might have put Meg in danger.

The little dreams of Lara Cliffe 
by Milly Johnson

Lara Cliffe and her three friends are off on a mini-break for her hen party.

However, on the overnight ferry, Lara finds out that Danny, her ex – the one who jilted her three weeks before their wedding – is playing in the onboard band, and he spots her in the crowd.

Will she meet him the next night to talk?

These are just the 6 latest additions to the collection, if you would like to browse the full collection you can find it online here!

Why not browse the collection in person next time you visit your local library?

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