Waiting for Sunrise by William Boyd

About the book

Vienna, 1913. Lysander Rief, a young English actor, sits in the waiting room of the city’s preeminent psychiatrist as he anxiously ponders the particularly intimate nature of his neurosis. When the enigmatic, intensely beautiful Hettie Bull walks in, Lysander is immediately drawn to her, unaware of how destructive the consequences of their subsequent affair will be. One year later, home in London, Lysander finds himself entangled in the dangerous web of wartime intelligence – a world of sex, scandal and spies that is slowly, steadily, permeating every corner of his life…

Reviewed by Victoria Reading Group

“We thought the book an easy read and enjoyed the descriptions, but did not think that it was as good as Boyd’s other books. A littled contrived in places””

star rating **

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