Library backgrounds for virtual meetings

Don’t be worrying about how your room looks, improve that meeting with our background of books!

Are you tired of hiding your laundry pile before a virtual call?
Does the fuzzing out button give you an empty feeling inside?
Is your curling wallpaper letting you down?

We’ve got you covered…now you can impress your friends and work colleagues with your very own dream bookcase background, hand-crafted by your experts and friends at Hampshire Libraries!

Pick your favourite background and impress friends, colleagues and classmates at your next virtual meeting. Pick the background you like and click on it to download, and don’t forget to donate!

All donations are welcomed and goes to supporting the running of events and activities in Hampshire Libraries.

We have four different backgrounds with Adult non-fiction books:

For the art lovers…

A backdrop for anyone who loves a crime novel…

And another for Sc-Fi and fantasy fanatics…

Two monochrome bookshelves

A book heart bookshelves

Download the backgrounds today by clicking on your favourite bookshelf above.

Saturday night and Sunday morning by Alan Sillitoe

About the book

Working all day at a lathe leaves Arthur Seaton with energy to spare in the evenings. A hard-drinking, hard-fighting young rebel of a man, he knows what he wants and he’s sharp enough to get it.

Reviewed by Tadley Reading Group

Seemed outdated to us all having seen the film so long ago yet it was worth reading and we were able to look beyond the obvious storyline and could see how the main character was drawn from real life.

Star rating ***

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